THE PIT / Taito / Arcade

The Pit is a sort of Dig Dug knockoff that's considerably harder and more unforgiving. You play as some astronaut miner dood who lands on a planet in a spacecraft, and has to dig his way to the bottom of a hazard-filled Pit to grab diamonds, then bring them back to the surface. Impeding your greedy quest are aliens or rival miners or something, who will grab and rape you to death if they catch up with you.

You've got a wimpy shot to defend yourself from alien molestations with, but your biggest obstacle are the rocks scattered everywhere. If you clear the dirt from beneath one you have to either hurriedly continue past it in the same direction, or usually end up trapped (or dead if you waffle and stall even for a second under it.)

It's just way too easy to screw yourself over by dislodging the wrong rock or otherwise making one small misstep in the wrong direction, which renders the game barely playable. And the production values look pretty crappy, even for a 1982 game. Sprites are all super-tiny too.

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