GAUNTLET 3 / US Gold / Amiga

US Gold just kind of went off on their own and did their own weirdo thing with Gauntlet 3; I don't know if Atari sold them the rights to it or it was just some sort of weird sub-license deal that allowed them to do whatever they wanted with the name, but really, this game is like one of those crap games that gets the name of an established but retired franchise slapped on it just to sell some extra copies.

So, instead of 2D dungeon crawling, we're now doing 3D isometric shooting. Unfortunately since it's a mid-90s title, it's clunky tile-based isometric movement. It still has the trappings of Gauntlet in monster generators, the 4 main characters, ghosts, dirty-ass roasts on the ground, etc. The feel is something pretty different from the previous titles though. There was plenty of room to improve on the previous games, but this doesn't feel like an evolution of any kind, just something different and even more mediocre. It's like the Doki Doki Panic of the Gauntlet series, except not really good at all.

There's also only something like 5 levels and they don't take all that long to get through, maybe like 3 hours of total gameplay here if you stick it out all the way through. Instead of saving keys to open doors, you mostly go around and fetch keys from random landmarks, then use them to get into other places in a fetch-quest chain.

Even though US Gold seemed to feel they were taking it upon themselves to shelve the franchise on a crap note with their "The Final Quest" subtitle, Gauntlet 4 would appear on the Genesis not much later, not to mention the whole Gauntlet Legends series and whatnot that popped up later.

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