GAUNTLET 2 / U.S. Gold / NES

It's Gauntlet II: Slow, Easy and Ugly Mode! Unlike the previous NES Gauntlet, this one is just a straight port of the arcade version of Gauntlet II. They must have brought in a new team to do this one from the ground up though, and everything is a step back from the first NES game. The graphics are uglier, the sound is worse, and I guess the programming team didn't have the chops to handle the raw awesomeness of Gauntlet's large scrolling levels, so everything feels like it's moving in Molasses Mode and monsters dribble out of generators like they're just waking up from winter hibernation or something. It does tone down the difficulty to a more reasonable level I guess, but that's about it. Distinguishing between the brown, murky items on the ground is also a pain.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video