GAUNTLET II / Atari / Arcade

Gauntlet 2 makes a bunch of little tweaks to the formula, but this is one of those sequels that was churned out pretty quickly and is more like an "extra levels" pack to the original game than a true new game. In this case, 200 or so extra levels.

"Quantity over quality" does seem to be the running theme in Gauntlet. Aside from the unlikeliness of 200 levels being all well-designed, the game once again doesn't scale to the number of players, just assuming 4 people are in play most of the time. By level 5 the solo player, or even two players, are getting overwhelmed by a ridiculous shit flood of monsters and cheap hits, and it never lets up from there.

The new changes are that anyone can select any hero from any position on the cabinet. The position simply dictates your color, and there can be multiple types of the same character. If you want four Wizards shooting all the food, go for it. There's also a lot of little new item types, traps, and such. A lot of this isn't really for the better though, I thought this game's levels felt even cheaper and more poorly designed than those of the first game for the most part.

Videos :

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