The NES port of Guerilla War lacks a few things of the arcade version - less precise shooting with the loss of the 2-stick control, no more digitized voices, no more blood, and no more Che and Fidel, being replaced by more generic-looking soldiers. In spite of all that, however, this is still an excellent port. The game was conceived as basically a straight clone of SNK's own Ikari Warriors, but the level design and play style is very different. Instead of constantly shoving forward blasting everything you see, Guerilla War forces you to frequently slow down, pause and think about what you're doing. Part of this comes from the enemy constantly using cover and springing sneaky ambushes on you, and part of it comes from the legions of compadres tied up and being used as human shields by the enemy, whom you can easily kill in the crossfire if you are just blasting away mindlessly. Better-than-average shoot-em-up and a lot of fun.

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