Ape Escape Academy is a disappointment for series fans who come into it cold, as it turns out to just be a collection of mini-games that bears very little resemblance to the mainstream series entries. Mini-game collections don't inherently have to be terrible, but about half of what's on offer here isn't any fun at all, and the other half are only mildly amusing at absolute best.

Some of the games even seem outright spiteful, with the instructions flashed on the screen for only a second before starting and an inadequate demo mode to convey how they work. I'm not even convinced that the balancing game where you have to walk a wobbly stack of monkeys forward is even winnable. If it is, the physics of it are utterly beyond me.

Mini-games come in groups of nine that are presided over by various colorful uber-monkey personalities. You have to clear each group to move on to the next, but the groups recycle a lot of their games, so there's little impetus to do so.

Wario Ware this ain't.
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