The Adventures of Cookie and Cream combines two of the things I hate most in gaming: being expected to control two characters at once, and squinting at weird cluttered junk in confusing environments trying to solve puzzles while a tight timer is ticking away.

It's an early release from From Software, they of the Dark Souls games, and you can already see them not giving a solitary F about explaining the gameplay to you and letting you die one million times trying to figure it out.

Much more cutesy and kid-friendly story and setting, though. The setup is that you control these two rabbits who have to find the missing moon. This entails running through somewhat Crash Bandicoot-like levels on a short timer, needing to pick up clocks along the way to extend your playtime.

It's a split-screen deal, and each character has their own unique path to travel in each level. They frequently interact with each other, however. One will have to push a switch to open something for the other, or turn a wheel, or something like that.

It's just not fun for a single player. Right from the first level, it's just too obnoxious with the tight timer and the time-stealing enemies and the little cluttered environments and the annoying repetitive sound effects and etc.

But let's be fair here, as the game seems to have been meant entirely as a two-player-at-a-time party game. This is still an issue, due to the weird design choice of having to share a single controller - one player uses the left stick and left shoulder buttons, the other player the right. Er?

Maybe this is somehow fun for two players, but I can't see it being anything but irritating. What I can tell you is to avoid this game like the plague if you're playing it by yourself.

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