WONDERFUL PINK / Toushiryoku Laboratory / PC
Doujin games don't strictly *have* to be pervy, but somehow they often wind up that way. Presented for your consideration - Wonderful Pink. From the makers of the previously reviewed Tifatan X, this is another fan-made game that mashes up characters from a bunch of games with the gameplay style of another.

The central theme is a sort of fan sequel to Wonder Momo, one of the sexually creepiest arcade games ever made that didn't cross the border into being outright porn. But the gameplay is Metroidvania all the way with a touch of brawler. Super Metroid references abound, from flying in on Samus' ship to (in an amusing touch) kicking the heads off of Chozo statue stand-ins to get new powers. The game doesn't really give you a complex interlocking map with a lot of backtracking, though; most areas are fairly self-contained, and you'll only need the new power you pick up in certain areas to get to an alternate exit that lets you move on to the next area. It's also more heavy with boss fights, and they tend to get recycled.

And then there's the perving. Wonderful Pink actually takes it surprisingly easy on sexual content. Aside from a flash of nudity when changing out of your "super form", the only nekkidness occurs when Miss Wonder Pink's life bar initially runs all the way down. You get your health back, but lose all your clothes. She runs around covering her bits with her hands, but when she takes a hit you get a full-screen closeup of one bit or another randomly. Lose all your health and you crumble into a weeping pile of estrogen, and its game over. No creepy rape implications in this one that I saw.

As with Tifatan, it's surprisingly good gameplay that carries the day here, though the platforming action is a bit annoyingly slidey/finicky and there's only a few enemy types that you keep seeing over and over. If it mysteriously wound up on your hard drive, though, it wouldn't be a total waste of space. Might be more up your alley if you have a thing for young girls being nude and embarrased in public I guess.
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