We've already done a full review of the Sega Master System port of this game, so the only question here is -- is this any less awful at all than that version? And the answer is no, of course not, this is LJN. During this era sometimes ports of games to another console could be wildly different, but not here, LJN just copypasta'd the same game to both platforms.

The one unique feature is that each release has four unique characters that can't be had in the other version. Which would make some (greedy marketing) sense if both consoles had a significant install base, but in 1992 I think the supply of Sega Master Systems still in use was down to like 12 or so in the U.S. It's also rendered irrelevant not just because of the game's general unplayable craptitude, but by the lack of unique moves and really halfassed sprite work.

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