SOLDIER GIRL AMAZON / Nichibutsu / Arcade

Soldier Girl Amazon is a Commando clone, except it stars a magical princess with a laser cannon shooting up aliens. And instead of grenades, your limited secondary weapon is a more powerful cannon blast.

Each level starts out with all these robots fleeing the scene, and the goal is to capture them after you kill a boss, but when the boss dies it explodes into a passel of annoying little hentai beasts and you only have a few seconds to grab the robot before he cheeses it. The game continues even if you miss him, but your "captured" count doesn't go up and I assume you maybe get Sad End down the road somewhere.

The gameplay is just like Commando, with no "fixed fire" button which forces you to both dodge the flurry of enemy attacks and try to face them to fire back simultaneously. This game uses a simple two-hit health system, however. Upon taking one hit, you lose your sweet spreadshot, and two hits kills you. There's tons of treasure chests about that you can shoot open to replenish your spreadshot and extra hit, but they can also randomly contain a real asshole of a spider who is seemingly unkillable, kills you on contact and shoots a bunch of webs at you that slow you down so either he or another enemy can run you down. The only other gameplay wrinkle is that occasionally you can shoot a dood off his badass hoverbike and cop it for yourself.

The whole "no fixed fire" thing is REALLY not my type of game, but I did think this was actually pretty well-made on the whole for what was probably a low-budget knockoff pushed out quickly to leech off Commando's popularity. Folks who enjoyed Commando/Mercs, Gun.Smoke, Kiki Kaikai, Front Line, etc. will probably get a kick out of it. Just be ready for punishing Amazonian difficulty.

"Soldier Girl Amazon takes explosive diarrhea to a new level!"

Videos :

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