SHINOBI / Asmik / Turbografx 16

Man, the graphics are about as close to the arcade as you can reasonably expect the Turbo to get, and the music is spot-on! Sadly, the gameplay and level layout are *not* spot-on. They're mostly the same, but there's lots of little cuts where I guess the programmers found things too complex ... like when you fight Ken-Oh, he only has one fireball pattern that he shoots over and over and the sprite is a heck of a lot smaller (and I like how you can race him out of the first two levels now). The game also lacks the gun upgrade and doesn't show an animation of a kick or a sword when you hit an enemy up close (though you still appear to be able to do it). And do I even need to mention the bonus stages with the scaling ninjers have been entirely cut?

The aesthetics are everything you could have hoped for on home systems of the time, but too many gameplay elements are missing for this to feel like an arcade experience.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video