Scooby-Doo Mystery bases itself on the original 1970s cartoon (rather than any newer iterations, like that movie with the disturbing furry CGI Scoob) and incorporates pretty good chiptunes versions of that series' funky soundtrack and digital clips of sound effects and voices from the cartoon. And it looks pretty decent too, capturing the general look of the show as well as incorporating the original character animations into the sprites. Those are about the only things that are good about the game. The rest is pretty lame.

It's a quasi-adventure game that's divided into four separate levels, each their own little themed mystery like searching a shipwreck for treasure. The "adventure" aspect is about as simplistic as it gets, though - you're generally confined to a small portion of each level at a time, the items you need are usually sitting out in the open, and all you do with most of them is bring them back to Velma to get access to a new chunk of the level. You're lead by the nose to everything, with literal giant signs over stuff like SEARCH HERE and PUT CRATE HERE.

The game seems to be designed for little kids, which is fine, except that the only challenge in the game comes from poorly plotted-out jumping segments. Shag and Scoob's jump is very limited and stiff and you'll often have to have absolutely perfect, crackerjack placement of it to get from platform to platform. Kids and adults alike will get pissed off at these.

They seemed to take great pains giving the game the look and vibe of the old cartoon, but for whatever reason the gameplay and structure got short shrift. Maybe they felt the look was all they needed to sell it, or maybe the game started out with greater ambitions but ran out of budget.  Whatever the case, the loving recreation of the look and vibe of the cartoon sets the table for greatness, but the potential ends up going unrealized. Huge fans of the original cartoon might still enjoy it though, just for how faithful it is to the source material.
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