Hardboiled Chicken is a glorified Flash game. And that isn't hyperbole, it actually is made with Flash and looks for all the world like something you'd find on Newgrounds. A particularly well-polished Newgrounds game, for sure, but still with all the typical limitations those games come with.

You're some sort of commando chicken on a mission to infiltrate a base full of commie penguins. At first blush the game looks like maybe some sort of Metal Slug clone but it actually turns out to be a slower, more deliberate platformer in the vein of Out Of This World and Flashback. Just without the complexity of either cause, y'know, Flash. The shooting action is simplistic - guards forget about you immediately if you move off of the same horizontal line they are on, and you have to duck and shoot everyone because lol Flashback and OOTW did that.

It's competent enough in the platforming levels, just kinda slow and simple and never particularly exciting or engaging. Unfortunately the game is interspersed with jetpack levels and it really goes to shit there, just janky and awful gameplay.

Bringing back the style of the rotoscoped classics is a worthy cause that I support, but I don't think Ratloop's skill level is quite up to par yet. I wouldn't mind seeing another effort from them along these lines but maybe next time made in a better format than Flash and without the Astro Chicken.
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