ROBOCOP / Ocean / Amiga
Robocop appears to kinda sorta be a port of the first arcade game - same basic structure and gameplay, but it looks a little different and everything is stiffer and making use of smaller, less detailed sprites. Robocop looks really bound up for some reason in this one too. Don't skip leg day Robobrah.

The first arcade game was an unplayable cheap hit festival, however, and this port just makes that even worse. There's literally no way to avoid contact with a lot of oncoming foes no matter what you do. That would have been bad enough by itself, but the game appears to be broken - the first boss, ED-209, just runs right the fuck through you. He drains your life at super speed when he touches you, and all he does is just walk and fire at you until U Dead. Shooting back doesn't help, you can't jump him ... granted I did not grow up with the Amiga and am not familiar with its intricacies but it would appear he cannot actually be beaten. I tried four different times and all four times he just rolled his ass right through me, game over. If there's a trick to beating him it's got to be seriously cheap and obtuse.

I went looking for further info on the game and was amused to find no reviews of it whatsover, with the lone exception of a scan from a 1990s magazine that was incredibly vague on the details but gave the game a 32% rating (remember when game magazines used to *do* that?) The almost total lack of reviews makes me think no one else on the planet ever figured out how to get by ED-209 either. Ocean is known for some dogshit licensed games, but the Amiga's Robocop might actually be their very lowest point.
Videos :
* Gameplay Video - LPer solves the ED-209 problem by apparently using invincibility trainer