ROBOCOP 2 / Ocean / Amiga
I had a debate with myself over whether to give Robocop 2 the same 0/5 I gave the first game. On the one hand, it's made by the same Ocean team that pooped out the first one and it sucks about as badly. On the other hand, the 0/5 for the first game wasn't predicated so much on the general suck as the specific problem of apparently not being able to beat the first boss without an invincibility cheat on.

In its favor, Robopoop 2 does look significantly nicer. Strikes against it - it's even clunkier and choppier to control than the first game, and there's now hostages you're supposed to rescue who can be killed by the barrage of projectiles flying unpredictably around the playfield at all times (including yours.)

What sealed the 0? Very shortly into the first level you encounter a floating platform that you have to steer up a shaft full of snipers. The control is as jerky and shitty as everything else in the game. Touch anything at all, you fall to the bottom and have to start over. Get hit by some arbitrary amount of bullets, fall to the bottom and start over. Pick up some weird random power-up from the dead (and infinitely respawning when you scroll offscreen) enemies that reverses your movements and you'll likely hit a platform, fall to the bottom and start over. Sometimes you just randomly fall and start over for no reason whatsoever.

It's probably technically possible to get past that part, but why try? Life is too short. 0/5, fuck every Amiga Robocop game. Fuck every Robocop movie after the first one while we're at it.
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