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OK Mr. Odd Planet, we seem to need to go over some basic rules of decorum. I know games have been cloning other games for the entirety of the medium's history, and in fact several very prominent companies are built entirely on the backs of this practice. But you really aren't supposed to do it THIS obviously. If the game is about, say, golfing gophers, you keep the same mechanics but turn it into chimpanzee sous chefs or something. At least have the courtesy to give it a fresh coat of paint. You're getting away with it here because LIMBO is the property of a little indie Danish outfit, if this was EA you pulled this stunt with their $1000-an-hour lawyers would have turned everything you own and ever will own into cosmic cocaine for their biggest shareholders to snort by now. Just be careful in the future man, is all I'm saying.

Anyway. So this game jocks LIMBO hard, what with the big-eyed child in a frightening shadowy world full of spikes and dangerous creatures, and being made in jonky Flash and the challenge basically boiling down to a lot of pixel-perfect jumping. It's simpler than LIMBO and much shorter. There's no lever or weight puzzles, and the character talks to herself on nearly every screen to give you an idea of upcoming danger and generally what you're supposed to be doing.

To give the game credit, it actually looks nicer than LIMBO, with a greater array of background effects and splashes of color. That's about all you can say about it, though. It's a blatant clone that's way shorter and easier but also looks a little better. Yep. Apparently a bunch of future episodes are planned to pad out the length, but at the moment you seem to only have access to the roughly twenty minutes of gameplay in episode 1. Do you get the future episodes for free if you bought this one? I honestly have no idea, it's not made clear anywhere.
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