KENSEIDEN / Sega / Master System
I'm guessing Sega intended for Kenseiden to be a Castlevania-killer, but it actually comes out more like a clunky hybrid of Karate Kid and that first TMNT game for the NES.

You play as some hot-steppin' samurai who really doesn't move very fast considering the rate at which he's pickin' em up and puttin' em down. Maybe it's one of those things where cocky animu swordsmen handicap themselves and this guy's handicap is to do his stair stepper cardio while he fights the enemies.

Probably shouldn't have bothered though, as his stiff and slow pace frequently sees him overmatched by his enemies. Like Castlevania, it's an "awkward angles" platformer where the enemies are forever coming at you from angles your weapon isn't comfortably designed to strike at, so you have to do little wiggly finicky jumpy-dodges to kill everything. These types of games toe a very fine line of spilling over into total clunky obnoxiousness if not plotted out very carefully, and there's very few outside of Castlevania that managed to pull it off properly. Kenseiden ain't no Castlevania.
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