After the weird abberation that was Hoyle Book 2, we're back to playing games with Sierra characters. And a full roster of them this time to boot, no programmer or family cameos! Though, fair warning, the "bad guys" list totally spoils the entire whodunit mystery of the Colonel's Bequest if you haven't played it yet. In theory you could actually play this game and never look at it, though you'd miss out on half the characters.

However, the game changes focus to board games - six of them in total. It also loses the patter between characters from the first game, as most are one-on-one affairs. Snakes and Ladders can host up to 4 players, but you have to choose a generic kid avatar to move around the board. That's a damn shame, I mean can you imagine moving around a game board with a miniature animated Ad Avis or Vohaul. Major opportunity missed guys.

As with the first game, it's a totally competent collection of the games on hand that moves acceptably fast and has a good interface and menu system, but it also skews heavily family/kiddie. It's just a question of whether you're into these particular games or not. The almost complete lack of dialogue also negates the expanded roster of characters.
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