GRAPPLE / Tony Lewis / Apple II
Grapple doesn't have anything to do with grappling hooks, it's actually like a violent version of Tapper.

Rows of mutants, Daleks and birds have to be held off with your rather slow-firing pistol. Shots push them back a bit, with the overall goal to push them over the edge they came from where they appear to fall into an off-screen meat grinder. Actually, the birds and little security floor robot things die immediately when hit, but these also come at you twice as fast as the other monster types. Let a monster make it all the way over to your side, and your dude eats it in a gruesome Master D-esque twitching explosion.

Despite the 2/5 score I actually kind of found this fun. It's a bit limited as there are only nine stages, but it opens up with heaps of customization options and generally is pretty well balanced and well designed.
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