GOLDEN NUGGET CASINO / Majesco / Gameboy Advance

Golden Nugget offers up generic and uninspired casino action. There's a passable range of games, but no "story mode" of any type or extra modes, I don't think it even saves your winnings in between powering on and off. That still wouldn't be an issue if you just wanted a little blackjack or video poker to kill time on a commute or something, but the game is destroyed by just how incredibly lethargic everything is.

The table games and blackjack insist on using scaling even though that's like the graphical function that the GBA is absolutely the worst at. It adds nothing to the game, slows every movement to crawl as the game zooms in to your bet, then back out and back in to the cards every hand, and just make all the graphics look extremely pixellated and cheap.

Even though scaling isn't employed at the video poker machines or slots, the action still doesn't really move any faster. There's an OK variety of video poker game types (5) covering the major variants usually seen in casinos, but only two themes of slots for some reason (Halloween or Cowboy.) And both are ugly and lame.

The game looks like it was slapped together by amateurs and/or on the thinnest budget possible.
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