This is the same game as The Dark Crystal, but modified to be more playable for younger children. The parser of that game is replaced here by a simple menu of three choices at any given time, making this version more resemble a Choose Your Own Adventure book. The language has also been simplified and softened; room descriptions are simpler and never overflow the screen like they did in the original release, and references to death and darker material are replaced with people "disappearing" or "going to sleep."

Some of the deaths and hangups also appear to have been removed, though you can still die/get stuck in the late stages of the game. The game still has no save feature, so this means starting the entire shebang over again from the beginning if it happens. It's not a very long game, but long enough to be irritiating; and once you manage to complete it there's nothing else to do with it as it's entirely linear.
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