BRUTAL LEGEND - Final 3 Stage Battles - Repeatable Strategies

Wrote up my tactics on completing the final string of battles as I didn't find the stuff that's already out there all that useful.

The best general advice for all battles: Always think BLITZKREIG BLITZKREIG BLITZKREIG. Trying to play defensive battles of attrition will get you overwhelmed and killed. This isn't tower defense, get in there and gobble up enemy territory.


75% of winning these final battles is simple prep. Do all the following things before starting the battle in the Dry Ice quarry:

* Upgrade your axe, strings and the Deuce as much as possible at the Motor Forge. Just take the most powerful axe available (will depend on whether you have DLC or not). For strings I find the one that reduces cooldown most useful, for these tactics you'll need plenty of solos.
* Cruise around the final area and find the remaining Solos. For the first battle, I only found Rock Block really useful. You might as well get Bring It On Home, Anvil and whatever that other one was, though, as you'll want them in the later battles.
* You don't have to go nuts and get all the Bound Serpents, but the more the merrier. I would recommend at least 60 to get the 20% faster health regen boost for Eddie.
* Do the Hunter quests up to the guillotine monsters. That's all you'll be allowed to do until Dry Ice is completed.


1) As soon as the battle starts immediately build 2 headbangers, 1 or 2 Razor Chicks and a Kill Master.
2) Go to your Merch Booth to the left of the stage and use Call of the Wild to summon your guillotine monsters to stand near it.
3) Ophelia usually pops in by herself to attack about 30 seconds in. Stay near your freshly spawned troops to make running her off a lot quicker.
4) Build another batch of Headbangers and Razor Chicks. Send your whole mob of troops (minus the guillotine monsters) to the Fan Geyser with the worm on it on the right that you can see from the starting area (just push up on the d-pad while facing it and that should target it)
5) Join your troops at the geyser and when they take it, quickly do Fan Tribute next to it. While waiting on them to hack it down, try to build as many Headbangers as possible, but leave the new ones at the base.
6) About the time you're claiming the geyser, Ophelia will send a weak-ish squad down the opposite side to attack the Merch Booth to the left of your stage (where you left the guillotine monsters). Leave the crew that took the new geyser to guard it and head back there by yourself, stopping to pick up the fresh headbangers from the stage and direct them over to the merch booth that is under attack (or about to be). It's mostly a bunch of Goth Kids that you can Facemelter, but Ophelia will usually team with a Bride to spam lightning and really wreak havoc, so use Eddie to take her out as fast as possible.
7) Once they're gone, send this squad down the left side to take a fan geyser that's a little farther down and not immediately visible. While they're moving, build another Headbanger-Razor-Kill Master tandem and send them down the left side to reinforce this group.
8) About this time you should also start looking to upgrade the stage to Level 2 when it's feasible. Also don't forget to Fan Tribute the new geyser once you've taken it.
9) Go check on the crew on the right side. They may be under attack by goths, rat masters and maybe a chariot. Clean up anyone that might be there, then set your rally flag (solo to direct new troops) in their midst. Build any reinforcements that you can and concentrate them over here.
10) You should now have two halfway respectable forces holding each of the contested fan geysers and keeping Ophelia's troops from getting at your base. The right side has reinforcements that you build automatically piped to it, so go be physically present at the left side to help them. My only reason for this is that Ophelia always seemed to want to personally attack down the left side, YMMV though. Priority 1 is always getting her off the battlefield if she's on it because her tandem attacks will tear your troops up fast.
11) With your two forces poised and Ophelia not currently on the battlefield, play Rock Block to get a temporary reprieve from her attacks. Once you can upgrade the stage to 3 you're ready for the final push.
12) Order each squad to attack the fan geyser at Ophelia's base that's closest to them. Some will get killed -- replace them immediately with Roadies, Bouncers and maybe Metal Beasts. Grab each geyser as soon as you can, you don't need their fans but it keeps Ophelia from immediately re-taking them and cuts down on her troop spawns. Set the Rally Flag right in front of Ophelia's stage, if you want you can use the "summon whole army" solo to make sure all available units come there too. If Ophelia pops out to defend her base and is being really annoying, you can always Hindenberg her with Bring It On Home to get her out of there real quick.


That probably seemed surprisingly easy, but it gets worse from here. More prep required.

1) Get Bring It On Home if you didn't before. It's crucial to kill one particular scripted enemy coming up.
2) You can do the last Hunter challenge now -- four Hexadons, the big mammoths in the snow area. These guys take forever to bring down and are great to hop onto for a damage sponge, so go for it. This also gets you the best axe in the game.


Well, OK, maybe I misspoke ... this is pretty easy too, as all the contested geysers are on your side of the bridge, so you just have to park your forces in front of it until you've claimed them all and are ready to attack.

1) Build as many headbangers as you can
2) Fly near the bridge, use Call of the Wild to park your mammoth there just in case
3) As quickly as possible, direct the headbangers to take each of the fan geysers while building more balanced groupings of headbangers and Razor Girls. Don't forget to Fan Tribute each ASAP. When you've got them all, set the rally flag and call the whole army to your end of the bridge.
4) Ophelia's early skirmishes here are just Goth Guys, so you and your mammoth can take them by yourself with Facemelter if need be. She'll eventually start sending Reapers though, so you'll want a bunch of Razor Girls to zap them or they'll run buck wild annihalating all your melee troops.
5) Upgrade the stage to 3 ASAP. Try to keep a free load of 6 as you'll need to build a Rock Crusher. The game is a little irritating here as it tells you that you need the Rock Crusher's double team to take out the towers, but not exactly how to use it. What you do is hold down the A button, then you can move a target circle a little ways in front of you, then let go of A to initiate the attack. The positioning can be finicky, though, leading you to initially blow up 2 or 3 of them trying to figure out how to use it on the bridge. Try to drive it over just after Ophelia has sent a wave. You can drive close to the next wave she's massing without provoking them to attack, then use Bladehenge to wipe them all out. Then carefully move on and take out the towers as soon as you're in range.
6) Yay, towers down, it's a clear path to ... the hell is this giant tree shooting out dozens of murderous crows? This thing takes forever to bring down and can tear up your whole army by itself, so use Bring It On Home to take it out immediately. Fortunately, she only builds the one.
7) Set the Rally Flag on Ophelia's side of the bridge and call all your units to attack the stage. If you have enough units, this may be a good time to use Rock Block as Ophelia will still squeeze out Reapers here and there to harass you. The stage shouldn't take long to fall with a good complement of troops.


Since Doviculus can drop enemies pretty much anywhere on the map, there's not as much of a coherent strategy for this one. But "Blitzkreig" is still the watchword of the day. Start with your usual complement of Headbangers/Razors/Kill Master and send them around to take the fan geysers (along with a summoned mammoth) right away. Just take those as quick as possible then send everyone to kill one of the heads. Set the new troop rally flag for somewhere between all the fan geysers, as enemy troops usually like to land around there. Once the head is down, you have to drive the Deuce through the tunnel on its side (the entrances are near your stage) and nitro at the end to launch into the eye. If you take too long about this the head revives, so you kinda have to ignore the battle for a time and just undo any fan geyser damage when you get back. Remember that the battle nuns and smaller enemies can be Facemeltered. The larger enemies take forever to bring down and can kill you quick, even crashing a blimp into them doesn't generally chip off all their health, but there also aren't very many (I only faced two waves of them). Get the other head down and ram the eye and Dovinculus will stop creating new troops -- you can simply drive the Deuce up the center steps into the final head to end the mission.

There's a final boss battle before the game is over, but you can handle it.

- C. M0use