BC's QUEST FOR TIRES / Sierra / Apple II
Simple constantly-scrolling action game in which you have to vary your speed and time out jumps over obstacles, a bit tricky since your jumps are slow to start and go a long way. So it's kinda like Moon Patrol without the lasers and aliens. I think it's also the only game to ever license Johnny Hart's BC comics, which I never realized as a kid were basically creationist propaganda. Mindblowing.

Anyway. Not as fun as Moon Patrol (and no propaganda) but it's actually not bad. It throws variety in obstacles and backgrounds at you and even pulls some basic perspective tricks to make it look like you're going up or downhill at points. For an early Apple II action game it actually runs pretty smoothly; it only gets troublesomely clunky when the game slows down to have you make precise jumps over water or lava ponds.
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