8-BIT KILLER / Locomalito / PC

Admittedly this is only the second game of his that I've played at this point, but damned if Locomalito doesn't seem to have a mastery of minimalist old-school design. This time out, it's kinda like a reimagining of Bionic Commando as an FPS, in a Wolfenstein 3D-era engine with 8-bit tiles and chiptunes.

Hope you've got your WASD fingers on as this is old-school 90s style, no free aiming whatsover. Enemies fire chunky, fairly slow projectiles that you can see and dodge, though, and the game is mostly about cover and strafing (especially some boss battles that are glorious circle-strafe fests the like of which we haven't seen in over a decade). It's a linear path through a series of mostly linear levels, but there's some secret rooms to find by arbitrarily humping all the walls, in true '90s style.

So why only a 3/5? Well, the one big mis-step here is that there's no means of saving or continuing. You die, it's back to the very beginning ... well, to be more accurate, you die and the game glitches out like an Atari 2600 game and you have to shut it down entirely and run it again. I know Locomalito is all about the arcadey experiences but the full game takes over an hour to complete and that's too much to ask a lot of adults to do in one sitting. I personally wanted to complete the game but after getting killed 40 minutes in, I had no desire to replay all of those old levels again. Also, making the ESC key abruptly shut the game down seems like an almost trollish choice, as it's the menu key for pretty much every similar FPS ever.

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